Big Commerce for Big Ideas

BigCommerce gives you everything you need to sell products online and open your own ecommerce store, but who do you turn to when you need a website design that reflects your own unique style?

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Our design partners can help. We’ve partnered with the best ecommerce website design companies who have both the skill and creativity needed to make your ecommerce website stand out from the crowd!

Did you know that having a professional, unique ecommerce web site design can significantly boost your conversion rate? Combine a unique ecommerce website design with BigCommerce’s built-in search engine optimization and you have everything you need to succeed online!


Option 1 | From Template

(Using one of the many design templates inside Bicommerce’s platform)

If you already have a design template chosen for your site, we will work with you directly from the HTML and CSS style guide to customize your new front hand design to be in sync with your brand identity.

Option 2 | From Your Design

(Developing from your Photoshop file to be compatible with the Big Commerce Platform)

If you already have a Photoshop Document Design for your site we will convert it and install it using web standards and Big Commerce Compliance.

*Price may vary based on user interface functionality.
(Please reference Site Map and Architecture and Custom Development below.)

Option 2 | From Scratch

(New Design fitting you brand identity with creative directions)

If you are looking for a unique design for your individual business or organization Indigo design can help.

We will work with directly with you to create a design that will function seamlessly with the Bicommerce template and develop a signature storefront design that will compliment your company or organization while directly addressing your target market.

Additional Services

Site map and Architecture

We will establish an information hierarchy with you to develop a solid structure for your site with a navigation system that will streamline operation for you and your customers and allow you to better organize your products.

Content population and third party set up

(base on your current inventory)
We will develop the content of your online store with the information (images, text, etc.) that you wish to remain a constant factor within your store. We can also give you the option of linking third parties such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. that will allow your site to be more accessible and up-to-date.

*Custom Development

We can provide custom javascript functionality using popular frameworks such as jquery, mootools, etc.

On-going Support

Indigo will provide continued support and maintenance to your online store. We will consistently manage the design of your store and update you on new graphic options and technology that will keep your store looking up-to-date.