Re Introducing Indigo Campaign Email Marketing

After recommending lots of different third party email platform to our clients, we finally decided to have our own. Since Indigo Design’s two important keywords are “Simple and Powerful Design” We had to live  up to our motto.

We’re very happy to introduce you to Indigo Campaign a very simple to use and very powerful email marketing platform.

Simple, Powerful Email Marketing

Today, more than ever, it is vital for companies to communicate with their customers. The fastest, most effective way to do this is through simple, yet powerful email marketing campaigns. Indigo Campaign gives you the tools to do this yourself, thus helping to ensure that your messages look the way you want them to and get delivered to your subscribers. Our service also help you analyze the results, allowing you to figure out what messages work and how your customers respond.

So what are you waiting for? Your customers want to hear from you…today!


Design great looking emails using your own tools, choose one of our amazing templates or have us do the design for you.


Sign ups, unsubscribes and bounces are handled automatically. Easily create targeted segments of subscribers.


Figure out what works by analyzing your customers responses to your campaigns in real time.

Visit Indigo Campaign for more information and sign up today!

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